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Hart-Parr Oliver is 2015 Feature

Hart-Parr Oliver is 2015 Feature

In 2015, we are hosting the National Hart Parr-Oliver Collectors for their annual summer show. The show feature is being organized by the Iowa Cornbelt Oliver Collectors. They will be featuring the complete line of Hart Parr, Oliver and White Tractors, front wheel-assista and articulating. They will also be showing the Hart-Parr 40, 30-60 and Little Red Devil.

There is a double feature for 2016: Pride of Iowa and the Year of the Draft Horse. In 2017, we’ll celebrate the 175th anniversary of Case while hosting two National Case Collectors clubs. In 2018, the National Ford-Fordson Collectors will take the spotlight for the annual show.

HPOCA Summer Show Information

HPOCA and Cornbelt Members can register for the banquet by sending reservations and payment to: AC Threshermen, P.O. Box 333, Albert City, IA 50510. Payment can also be made by credit card by clicking the payment form to the right of this page. The banquet will be Saturday evening and will be held at the Marathon Community Center, just 4 miles north of the show site. The center is air-conditioned and handicap accessible. Cost is $25 per person. Reservations should be made by July 27. Call the show office if you have questions, 712-843-2076.

Vendors with HP-O related items to sell who would like a booth space should call the Threshermen's office at 712-843-2076 to register. Indoor and outdoor space is available, and space is limited so register early to guarantee your space.

HPOCA Chapters can reserve booth space in the feature building by calling Dale Westbrook at 641-780-2571. One 8'x10' space is available at no charge. Additional spaces are $25 each. Checks should be made to Iowa Cornbelt Oliver Collectors and submitted before July 27 to: Dale Westbrook, 3009 West 52nd St. S., Newton, IA 50208.

(Of course, men are also welcome!)
A unique experience you won’t want to miss! Take the motor coach on a short drive to visit Freedom Quilts. Freedom Quilts has been comforting families across the U.S. with the gift of a quilt since 2001. It started with the vision to make five hand-made quilts dedicated to the victims of 9-11. Since their start, they have delivered over 6,700 quilts. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to comforting mourning families and all quilts are hand-made by volunteers. Efforts have been dedicated to those families who have lost a loved one in the 9/11 tragedy and to the families of our fallen soldiers. Through the gift of a quilt, they strive to comfort these families and preserve the honor and memory of their loved ones. Freedom Quilts creates unique, personalized quilts and families are not charged for these handmade quilts. They are free… they are gifts of love and compassion. You can be a part of this wonderful gift! After a program, guests will be able to assist in the sewing of a Freedom Quilt. Learn more at: www.freedomquilts.net. Lunch will be served before heading out for our next adventure.

In the afternoon, we’ll take the short trip to Laurens where guests will enjoy unique shopping experiences and unique demonstrations including: Tips and Tricks for Creating Floral Arrangements; Wine Tasting; Simple to Make Dips and Snacks and more! Reservations for the day are required with $30 payment which includes transportation and lunch.

Saturday: Take the bus for a trip to Albert City where you can enjoy unique shopping, programs and the Historical Museum. Each location will offer a unique program including the city’s Swedish Heritage. Reservations required with $10 payment which includes transportation, museum admission and refreshments. Lunch is on your own after returning to the show site.

NOTE: Buses will leave from the show site. Friday loading at 9:15 a.m., leaving at 9:30 a.m. and returning at 4 p.m. Saturday bus will load at 8:45 a.m., leaving at 9 a.m. and returning at 1 p.m.

Click here for registration forms.

First in series collectible toy tractor

First in series collectible toy tractor

The Threshermen will be selling a collectible toy tractor annually starting with 2015. This year’s tractor is an Oliver Super 77 Narrow Front. The tractors are manufactured by SpecCast and each will include a serial number. This year, 100 tractors will be available. The #10 tractor will be included as a prize in the large tractor raffle, so if you purchase a ticket for that raffle, you are automatically included for a chance to win this toy tractor.

Tractors sell for $115 and will be available for purchase at the show or by contacting the Le Mars Toy Store at 712-546-4305 to pre-order.

Upcoming Features

In 2016, we have a double feature: Pride of Iowa and Horse Power. This will be a very unique show. Pride of Iowa will feature ag-related machinery, equipment, implements and other items used on the farm that had their beginnings in Iowa. Horse Power will bring horses of all kinds and all sizes with demonstrations and exhibits including plowing and other farm work. We are looking for horse teams and horse-related equipment! Please call Randy Koenig at 712-240-2848 for more information.

The 2017 show is featuring Case and for the special 175th anniversary we are proud to host the International J.I. Case Heirtage Foundation, the J.I. Case Collectors' Association, the Northland Case Collectors and the Missouri Screamin Eagles for their annual summer shows.

2018 will bring in enthusiasts of Ford as we host the national Ford-Fordson Collectors for their summer show.

In 2022, the Minneapolis-Moline Collectors will return for their summer show.

Tractor Raffle

Tractor Raffle

The 2015 Tractor Raffle will be for an Oliver Standard 77. Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. The drawing will be held Sunday, Aug. 9 at 4 p.m. and you need not be present to win. Ticketholders are automatically included in the drawing for the Collectible Toy Tractor drawing for the number 10 Oliver Super 77 Narrow Front manufactured by SpecCast. 

Little Red Devil to exhibit

Little Red Devil to exhibit

Rare and unique tractors will be displayed at this year’s show as they travel here from the Floyd County Museum in Charles City.

The Little Red Devil was a small, 3-wheel tractor with a 2-cycle engine which produced 15 drawbar horsepower and 22 belt horsepower. The 3-wheel configuration and 2-cycle engine made the Little Devil a unique tractor. It actually was a low-cost, row-crop tractor for the Midwest farmer which could pull a cultivator, because the two front wheels could straddle two rows of corn while the 64-inch diameter drive wheel ran between the two rows. The operator’s station was located on the right side of the tractor, beside the shielded drive wheel. The Little Devil was powered by a 2-cylinder, 2-cycle horizontal Hart-Parr kerosene engine with an early form of fuel injection, so it had no valves, no carburetor, and no differential.

The Little Devil was plagued by two operating problems. If the operator let the engine lug down under a heavy load, the engine could suddenly reverse its rotation and then the tractor would be going backwards instead of forward. Also, there was no adjustment to the fuel injection system. Due to these two problems, Hart-Parr recalled the Little Devil tractors. However, it is said there are two or three remaining and one of them will be at this year’s show.

Hart-Parr 20-40 to exhibit

Hart-Parr 20-40 to exhibit

The 20-40 Hart Parr was built from 1911 to 1914. They were built with a 2-speed transmission. The engine used exhaust piped into the crankcase to splash oil into troughs that fed oil to the main bearings and troughs that were used to oil the rod bearings. The centerline of the cylinders are offset 2.75 inches from the centerline of the crankshaft. A special design on the rods was used so the rods didn’t hit the piston skirts. The tractor owned by the Floyd County Historical Society is the only restored 40 known today to exist.


Workers for the USDA who are cleaning up area buildings because of the Avian Flu have booked the majority of hotel rooms in the area.  We came up with a couple of other options that are available for people coming to the show in need of housing. Buena Vista University has dorm rooms available to us at the price of $30 per bed/night. These rooms are available for Thurs., Fri. and Saturday night. Call our office at 712-843-2076 for more information or to register.

Laurens, IA has an RV park with 5 spots. Call City Hall at 712-841-4526 to reserve a spot.

Also in Laurens - Jirgen Housing LLC (712-841-2151) has 5 furnished apartments they will rent for $40 per night.

HPOCA Banquet Tickets

Saturday, August 8 at the Marathon Community Center. Cost is $25 per ticket and must be purchased and registered by July 27.

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Ladies' Day Activities

Purchase tickets for Friday, $30 and Saturday, $10. Must be purchased and registered before July 20.

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